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prometheus / concept_orrery

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Fuel vfx was commissioned to design the look for the "Orrery" star map hologram in Ridley Scotts sci-fi movie Prometheus.
  • Fuel vfx was commissioned by 20th Century Fox to design the look for the "Orrery" star map hologram in Ridley Scotts sci-fi movie Prometheus.
    Ridley gave us a brief of a painting which illustrated the concept of a solar system Orrery. This concept was expanded so that the Orrery was used to pilot the derelict spacecraft through the universe.  The centre sphere being the focus which magnified a point in space, showing all its detail and data.

    My role as Head of Design at Fuel was to lead the design development for the Orrery.
    The animated example above was completed prior to the shoot so that Ridley could get an idea of how the star map might appear and behave so the sets and actors could be lit appropriately.  

    The various stages were research, concept frames and then this animated example.
    3D artists Roy Malhi and Aevar Bjarnason used Maya to create the known Universe and the navigational rings and galaxy data spheres.  Obviously the colour grade changed in the final film to a bluish hue but the basic design stayed true.

    After look dev was approved it then went into full production in 3D at Fuelvfx using Maya and Houdini led by vfx supervisor Paul Butterworth.
    concept design / orrery + targeting style frames

  • Orrery concept design : Brendan Savage & Luke Bubb
    Look dev 3D : Roy Malhi, Aevar Bjarnason
    Look dev animation comp : Brendan Savage


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