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a Forest within a Forest

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video art
    AUJIK are an conceptconstructed as an Japanese esoteric and animistic cult who worships nature.
    In 'a Forest within a Forest' third incarnation AUJIK member Nashi narrates the audience journey in an uncanny forest.
    Nashi states that everything is animated, and that even the things we consider synthetic and artificial are as sacred as plants and stones. She criticizes nature for its inability to develop and praises technology for its flexibility and proclaims that nature should adapt to technology in order to liberate it self.

    Music by Mira Calix – Hiccup. Copyright of Mira Calix and warp records.
    <span color:="" rgb(255,="" 194,="" 0);="" "="">This video was made in 2010 and filmed in Shiga pref. Japan.
    It's been featured on Japan Media Arts Festival,  Ars Electronica Animation Festival,  CologneOFF, Oberhausen International Film Festival, Athens Video Art Festival, Computer Space  and more.
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