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World Snowboarding Championships 2012

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PromaxBDA Gold Winner - Best Programme Branding Design!
  • World Snowboarding Championships 2012

    PromaxBDA Gold Winner - Best Programme Branding Design!
    "The World Snowboarding Championships (WSC) is the first championships run by snowboarders since 1999. It is developed and owned by the Ticket To Ride (TTR) and World Snowboard Federation (WSF). It is organized by Snowboard-VM 2012 AS – the local organizing company owned by The Arctic Challenge, The Norwegian Snowboard Federation and Oslo Vinterpark. The WSC got a full backing by the global snowboard community as expressed by the unanimous vote at the TTR and WSF general assemblies in Barcelona, May 2010."
    The project won Gullrutens Fagpris 2012, best design / VFX.
  • CREDITSJørn Veberg & Øyvind Pettersen
    3d environments: Colin McMahon
    Sound design:
    Marius Hansen

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