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VW Golf GTI - Out Of This World 2013

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VW Golf GTI "Out Of This World" - commercial short film - Directed by Kaism Lim
  • VW Golf GTI "Out Of This World"
    - commercial short film - Directed by Kaism Lim
    "FAW-VW came to us to produce a new viral video to promote the golf GTI in china. The brief was to create a aggressive, new school video, that showcased the car in a "out of this world" environment and go beyond the limitations of live action shooting."
    - Jason Kirby (E.Producer) DMG -
    "With this project I wanted to do something really cool for GTi given it's dual role as a brand icon for VW as well as being simply a great car. The Inter-Galactic Grand Prix platform had a clear objective: reconfirm GTis position as THE cult urban sports car and engage the target customer group of young affluent urban males.
    It centers around fantastic driving fun which is the essence of GTi. The tag line "Driving which is out of this world" works on two levels, projecting GTi into a futuristic fantasy world that resonates with the target audience and demonstrating it's winning performance credentials.
    The execution is deliberately fast paced, high-adrenalin and sexy, creating an engaging and addictive world familiar to gamers.
    The digital format meant we could run long with the movie unrestricted by media cost considerations and it's perfect for sharing to get the maximum online reach. The teaser phase used targeted online messages to direct people to the site.
    DMG were the ideal partners to execute. Under the direction of Kai and Jason Kirby and the team of digital wizards worked their magic. The team had so much passion and talent they totally nailed the brief.
    So a cut-through piece of work that will drive the desirability and awareness of GTi with it's influential target audience and no question will help sell cars.
    No surprise that it has already driven our website hits to record levels nearly crashing the site."
    - David Goggins VP Marketing and Strategy FAW-VW and client for this project -
  • - Director's Foreword -

    Reality has too many restrictions, but fantasy is boundless. This short film captures the adrenaline-pumping excitement of racing. It is a visually-dynamic story set in outer space. The golf GTI represents Earth in a battle for supremacy against the best racers from around the universe. This race is not just about speed, it is about the well-balanced, all-round performance of the GTI, showcasing the spirit of a true racing machine.

    In this ultimate test of speed, it is earth’s finest technology that will triumph in this visually stunning race. I will maintain a firm grip on art direction and dynamic camera movement in order to create this breathtaking sci-fi epic that will capture the audience’s imagination.

    The Golf GTI is an icon, known for its high-performance engine, sharp handling and sport-focused design. The GTI will be built within an alien race arena which fully embodies a sci-fi theme. I see engaging phases, colorful lights and dramatic setups of the different scenes in this film. Colorful skies, natural elements, organic lightning, crystal surface race tracks, combine to create a semi-realistic and graphical approach. Overall art direction will be futuristic in terms of the environment, alien HUD, alien vehicle design.

    However, we will still maintain the physics of gravity throughout the intergalactic race as our story builds around the hero car. It will still resemble race tracks and racing attributes from earth.

    - by Kaism -
  • VW Golf GTI - Out Of This World
    - Full Version -
  • VW Golf GTI - Out Of This World
    - 30 seconds trailer -
  • --- Full Credit List ---
    - Client - FAW-VW China
    David Googins And Martin Biswurm
    - Agency - DMG
    E. Creative Director - Dan Mintz
    Creative Director - Martin & Flip
    Art Director - Lily & Caroline
    Acc. Director - Orlaith, Li Kang
    - Concept & Story Development - VFX team DMG
    Story & Race Sequence - Kaism Lim
    Concept Art Direction - Kaism Lim, Lock Yi
    Concept Art Designer - Lock Yi, DB Gao, Cheeyen
    Car Design - Kaism, Chee yen, DB Gao
    3D Support - DB Gao, Lulu
    Dialogue Script - Flip
    Previz Editor - Liao Yong
    --- Film Production ---
    Director - Kaism Lim
    1st AD - Jason Kirby
    DOP - Danny Pope
    E. Producer - Jason Kirby
    Production Manager - Kyle Ching
    Asst. Producer - Daniel Zhao, Sam Chee
    Unit Production Manager - Ning Ning
    Asst. UPM - Lao Zhu
    Wardrobe - Connie
    Set Decorator - Xiao Cai
    On set VFX Supervisor - Cheeyen, CK Kong
    On set VFX Supports - DB Gao, Allen, YC Huang, Lock Yi
    Behind the scene video & photographer - Haiyan
    - Post Production - DMG
    Editor - James Teh
    Post Producer - Yuan Fei
    Compositor & 3D Animation - Lock Yi, DB Gao, Yin Chen, Lulu Zhang
    - VFX Production studio - Huevisualab
    Producer - Denise Tay, Sasha
    VFX Supervisor - Matthew Ho
    Lead CG Artist / Lighting / 3D Modeling / Effects Simulation - CK Kong
    Lead Animator / 3D Modeling - Wubin Yow
    3D Animator - Johnson Ling, Alexander Teoh
    3D Modeler - Allen Yap
    3D Tracking - Daniel Chia, Allen Yap
    AE Compositor - Kelvin, Nas, Bruce, Ritchie, Yeu Jian
    Nuke Compositor - Gideon, Skyler Leong
    Previz Animator - CK Kong, Wubin Yow
    - VFX Production studio - Passion Republic
    Producer - Ng Aik Sern
    VFX Supervisor - Koh Chong Cheng
    3D Animator - Jason Pan Wei Yee, Seah Chin Yuan, Hoi Yee Sum, Sia Ding Shen, Aiken Tow Yong Chiang, Cheong Teik Mun
    3D Modeling - Leong Chee Sang, Kok Yip Sun, Lai Meng Guan, Chu Ying Zhi
    Lighting Artist & Compositor - Koh Chong Cheng, Hoh Wei Jie, Kok Yip Sun, Lai Meng Guan, Woo Kah Hoe, Cheou Boon Leong, Leong Chee Sang
    Effects Simulation - Hoh Wei Jie, Cheou Boon Leong
    Matte Painting - Johnson Ting Sin Yu, Tham Hoi Mun, Chu Ying Zhi
    - Post Production - APV
    Producer - Chen & Dave
    Flame Artist - Cheeyen, Matthew Ho
    Colorist - Iput
    - Audio Production - Imaginex Studio
    Producer - Jazzlyn, Michelle Kay

    Sound Design, Edit, Final Mix - Wong
    - Music Production - Stefan Z
    Supervisor, Editor - Stefan Z
    --- End Of Credit List ---
  • Screen Capture
    - Full Version -

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