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Sigur Ros - Valtari / Film Mystery Experiment

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Video Submission for Sigur Ros (Valtari) Film Experiment Competition.
  • Sigur Ros, The Valtari film mystery experiment
    Main concept :
    Here we have a point of view about the situation, in which someone tried to fight and want to get out of a tough situation, trying over and over again, but in the end any attempt only made her more confused, stress, depression and ultimately very crazy by forcing memory recall excessive aiming to rise to the situation. Visualization using a projector to project that aims to convey a sense of the mind-thoughts that clashed in the head and body, but it is all in vain.
    Credit : 
    Art Director : Syahed Hidayah
    D.O.P : Syahed Hidayah
    Camera : Billy Hasbi, Ferdian Dumara, Syahed Hidayah
    Offline Editor : Billy Hasbi, Ferdian Dumara, Iqbal “Ibos” Maulana Kamil, Syahed Hidayah
    Online Editor : Billy Hasbi, Syahed Hidayah
    Visual Effect : Syahed Hidayah
    Projection eFx : Billy Hasbi, Syahed Hidayah
    Setup Lighting : Iqbal “Ibos” Maulana Kamil
    Make Up Artist : Sendy Nurulita
    Model : Inez Kalamulkhoir
  • runners-up to overall winner :

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