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Nokia in Wonderland

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Nokia Flagships & Terminal 5 video Direction, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, & Animation
  • "Nokia in Wonderland" on “Nokia Tower” screens at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
  • "Nokia in Wonderland" on screens at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
  • Graphic Havoc was commissioned by Nokia to direct a series of unique shorts to play across an impressive array of high definition in-store displays as well as enormous, high resolution LED cubes, dubbed the “Nokia Towers” at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

    “Nokia in Wonderland” was created to offer a direct contrast to the sleek modern designed technology of Nokia products and store environment and provide an enjoyable calming experience for visitors.

    “Nokia in Wonderland” is a hallmark of GH’s foray into the concept of environmental therapy. A breathtaking panorama of lush landscapes and organic textures, the piece provides the viewer with an escape from urban stress and density. Renowned sound designer Brian Emrich's (Requiem for a Dream, Pi, Phone Booth, One Hour Photo) ambient soundtrack further heightens the experience of being transported to another world, a place filled with intoxicating greenery, spectacular vistas, and exotic wildlife.

    Credits: Creative Direction and Art Direction: Derek Lerner, Sound Design: Brian Emrich, Animation: Derek Lerner

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