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NRDC Loud Voices Together are Heard

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An animated video about the NRDC.
  • I was lucky to work with the awesome guys of Giant Ant, an animation and post-production studio based in Canada. This video was for for National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). I was pretty excited with this project as it's the first time I'll see my illustrations move.
    I did the illustrations and design while Jorge Canedo Estrada of Giant Ant made everything move. :)

    Hope you guys like it!
  • Setting the mood.
  • All the other whales in the video.
  • Salt Mine.
  • Open-Pit mining.
  • A protester.
  • A megaphone.
  • The solar stage of the Festival.
  • Geometric Smoke.
  • Lights on.
  • Lights off.
  • Paint.
  • Swallow.
  • The End Scene.
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