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Music Video "Columbus - Lovemachine"

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This is my first music video, as well as my debut and graduate project for MA Moving Image : Film and Interactive arts. It took me over 4000 hours to realize this video. I've done everything on it. I hope you like it ! :)
  • Music Video
    Columbus - Lovemachine

    Realization, Art Direction, Costume Design, Music Video Animation etc.

    After almost a year of hard work I've finished my debut film which simultaneously represents my final master project.
    (MA Moving Image: Film, Video and Interactive Arts)
    The result was described as "an arresting galactic battle between spiritualism and technological progress".
    This video has been a real challenge and was a wonderful opportunity to push my own boundaries.
    It took me more than 8 months, spending day and night with all my heart and passion to finish it.
    I've spent over 4000 hours of work by writing the story, learning after effects, tailoring the costumes,
    taking photographs, building the plastic models, designing the backdrops, organizing the shooting,
    building my own green-box, directing the video, keying the footage, animating, composing and
    adding effects and post-production. I understood this final project as my one chance to realize a vision,
    which involved every step and stage - from the first words on paper to the last tints in colour grading.
    I hope you'll like it - Enjoy !

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