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  • MongolTV
    Visual Identity - Branding - Broadcast Design - Commercials

    2013 PROMAX BDA  Los Angeles - BRONZE -

    Series of TV ID produced for MongolTV in Asia. The visual identity developed is global:  new visual signature, more than twenty television commercials, series of animations, motion graphics for TV news... This plethora of visual elements will punctuate the air and confirm the identity of the channel. The centerpiece of this project is a television idents campaign to images breathtaking. These are twenty portraits of local peoples, visually oriented shoot in locations in Gobi Desert, Ulaanbaatar, East Siberian, Mongolian steppe ... Impressive images, sometimes shoot at - 45 to - 60 Celsius degrees by a joint venture of occidental and Mongolian staff. These vignettes suggest the presence of TV channel on the entire territory of Mongolia and its proximity to the population. This is a renewed image, contemporary Mongolia is projected here.
  • Product: MongolTV
    Client: Nomin Chinbat, MongolTV Senior VP, Group Company Gatsuurt
    Executive Producer: Michel Rodrigue, The Format People, LA
    Producer and brand strategies: Marc S. Grenier, Baroque
    Creative direction : Christian Langlois, mémoire liquide
    Art direction and SFX : Charles Bertrand, Fly Studio
    Film Director: Christian Langlois, Les Enfants
    Director of Photography: Francois Dutil
    Assistant camera: Chloe Giroux Lachance
    Editorial: Miguel Raymond Color grading: Charles Bertrand, Fly Studio
    Motion design, animation and post production: Alexander Lapointe, Mathieu Lalumiere, Jean Marc Laurin, Fly Studio Music: Mathieu Lafontaine

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