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MTV TR3S Tropicalísimo

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Fantastic colourful animals living in this particular music island. -- More at
  • MTV TR3S Tropicalísimo

    Our friends at Tr3s called us to produce an original show pack for their new show ‘Tropicalísimo’. It was based on different Latin music, such as Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. We were provided with the idea of working with two concepts: the ‘underwater’ and the ‘surface’.

    Thanks to the freedom they gave us, we were able to make this project our own pushing things furthermore. We made this travel with a one-shot sequence camera, from the bottom of the sea to the top of the sky. Going through the jungle, all kind of exotic animals, coco speakers and percussion instruments take place.

    The mix of these techniques was our main challenge: 2d & 3d animation styles, illustrated environments, hand-made paintings, textures, and many long nights of work! The final result was a unique and particular Island. HippieHouse makes it again!
  • Produced for Tr3s / Client: Mtv Networks

    Original idea & Concept: HippieHouse + Mtv Tr3s
    Art & Creative direction: HippieHouse + Mtv Tr3s

    2d design, Painting & Textures: Ezequiel Matteo, Marcos Piaggio, Chris O’Farrell
    Logo designer: Marcos Piaggio
    Concept sketches: Ezequiel Matteo
    3d lead artists: Ignacio Sandoval, Mathias Cadyck
    3d assitant: Ezequiel Matteo

    2d Animators: Chris O’Farrell, Ignacio Sandoval, Ezequiel Matteo
    3d Animators: Ignacio Sandoval, Mathias Cadyck, Ezequiel Matteo
    3d Underwater development (modeling, animation, texturing, rendering): Ignacio Sandoval
    3d Instruments & misc (modeling, animation, texturing, rendering): Mathias Cadyck
    2d Compositors: Marcos Piaggio, Chris O’Farrell, Ignacio Sandoval

    Post, Lights & Effects: Chris O’Farrell, Ignacio Sandoval
    Original music & Sound Fx: Ignacio Cantisano

    At Mtv Tr3s
    Art director: German Verdi
    Executive producer: Trevor Lafargue
    Creative VP: Sean Taylor


    All rights reserved © HIppieHouse 2006-2012

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