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  • Show "Kolobok" - based on Russian folk tale

    Moscow International Festival
    "Circle of Light-2012"

    Moscow, Gorky Park
    28 September - 2 October

  • Concept by: Denis Bashev, Alex Mamontov
    Producers: Alexander Us, Alex Rozov
    Art director: Alex Mamontov
    Illustration by: Denis Bashev, Anna Eiserle
    Animation: Alex Mamontov, Arthur Kondrashenkov, Mikhail Sedov, Alyona Danilova
    Music: Vasiliy Filatov
    Interactive team: Nikita Mikharev, Vasiliy Filileev, Attacca digital
    Technical director: Dima Napolnov
    Management: Andrey Kuzmin
    Filming crew: Evgeniy Arkhipov, Nikita Belous, Andrey Rymarev

    SilaSveta Studio
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