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Corte Eléctrico by Maria Arteaga

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René is a window washer ready to begin his work day. It is the day to wash the façade of the OLIMPO building in Chapinero, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. The streets of this populous sector are home to the chaos of a big South American city where diverse ways of surviving coexist, some more accepted than others. The interior of the buildings and the streets over the years have witnessed all sorts of stories and secrets . . . From the roof of OLIMPO, René lowers his harness, skillfully performing his cleaning job while enjoying a musical hit by his favorite singer, Lentejuela. His casualness keeps him from suspecting what is going on behind those dirty windows; his presence interrupts the privacy of the inhabitants of OLIMPO who paranoically observe his every move. All have their own story, all have something to hide.
  • Corte Eléctrico by Maria Arteaga

    Well Corte Eléctrico was made because of our interest in Bogotá. There is a District called Chapinero where you could see a mix between Made in Taiwan, plastic and neon colors and a latin version of this easy and serial late 70s Berlin architecture. Its full of people who have one day business, abandoned buildings and complex stories behind every door and every face. We tried to capture this mood in a 9 minutes animation short film.
    To watch the whole movie please visit
    Direction of Photography: Iván Robles Mendoza
    Editor: Juan Felipe Cortés
    Art Direction: María Arteaga, Roboto Ltda.
    Production: Lina Ruiz and María Arteaga 
    Sreenplay: María Arteaga, Iván Robles Mendoza 
    Music: Francy Muñetones 


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