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Burberry- Rain

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Originally this concept began life as an in-store film for the new bespoke trenchcoat department in Knightsbidge. At the time I was interested in flash animation and it's possibilities, the chequered pattern was suffering from being in the press for all the wrong 'Chavvy' reasons but felt perfect as a canvass to execute the idea. This film was supposed to counterpoint peoples opinion of the burberry check with something that was elegant and stylish whilst retaining the story of 'Rain' for the client, who used it as a one word brief to us. the first and only time this has happened in my career.

  • Burberry

    This is an old project (2002) but I still like it.  _

    It was our first experiment into Flash (with the help of Griff @studio aka )

    It was produced originally as an instore film for the flagship stores in London and Japan.

    It eventually ran as a Cinema ad* in the UK after the success of the reaction to it in those locations.

    Won Gold at the Art Directors Club of New York


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