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  • British Gas "Vans"
  • Role: Set development, modeled various elements, Uvmapping texturing.
    Shot Breakdown PDF

    Director: Guilherme Marcondes
    Agency: CHI&Partners
    Executive Producer: Michael Feder
    Producers: Hana Shimizu, Jan Wohrle, Sang-Jin Bae
    CG Art Director: Javier Leon
    Technical Director: Morgan James, Sang-Jin Bae
    CG Artists: Diogo Kalil, Scott Denton, Tomas Aceytuno, Omar Sarmiento
    Lead Compositor: Yussef Cole
    Compositors: Jerry Liu, Arthur Hur, John Harrison
    Character Designer: Erin Kilkenny
    Character Animators: Frank Summers, Erin Kilkenny, Rachael Yonda
    Matte Painter: Benjamin Plouffe
    Particles System Builder: Jaymie Miguel
    Editor: Joseph Suslak, Anita Chao

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