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Bakers Precious Biscuits

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As a group of children accidentally drop some biscuits on their way to a forest picnic, a bunch of playful nursery rhyme characters appear from the undergrowth, scrambling to get their share of the delicious biscuits.
  • As our second commercial as Shy the Sun, the Bakers commercial posed an ideal opportunity to explore new techniques. We found a perfect location in a forest just outside Cape Town, that we were able to cover in homemade moss, roots and various lush plants. The piece was a combination of handcrafted objects and computer-generated techniques; a large number of miniature-crafted props were added, such as Polly’s kettle, Humpty and the Three blind mice’s houses, all the characters and FX were computer generated.

    Check out the Making of to see how the project was put together.


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