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Army Rage :: Cinematic

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We had the chance to be responsible for the making of all cinematic trailers for online FPS game 'Army Rage'. We made two videos for the half of the major classes of soldiers engaged in WWII shooter. From this material, we have put together one official extended trailer. The idea was to prepare something like a realistic version of the game. Our greatest challenge was to make original characters move and look as natural as possible. All the work (except for some basic models from the game) was made by two persons only. Yacuba team were very impressed and excited of the result. FACTS & STATISTICS - Including 36 shots total (HD). - Stuff members: 2 artists (Velichkov Bros.) - Year of release: 2012 - In production: About 3 months. - Actual duration of the production: 1.5 months (about 3 weeks for each of the 2 source trailers). - Average compositing layers (including passes, adjustments and FX): More than 50 per scene. - Ready made VFX or live footages have not been used.
  • Official Extended Cinematic Trailer
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