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Royal Bank of Canada

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Film and prints made for the Royal Bank of Canada in 2008. I designed and directed the film with my directing partner Mat .
    Royal Bank of Canada 
    animation and prints
    This film was made for the Royal Bank of Canada. The concept is very simple, a man wakes up one morning with endless legs and decides to take advantage of the situation by easily travel the world with his kids. I designed the characters and the look of it and directed it with my partner Mat . Although the film was made in 3D we really wanted to stick with the 2D look of the illustrations that were made for the pitch.
    Director:      Fx Goby   and   Matthieu landour
    Production: Mr Hyde
    Agency:        BBDO Toronto


  • RBC print illustrations
    Here is a serie of 2d illustrations that we made before the film was in production. These illustrations were used for the RBC  billboard campaign.

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